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More Important Than Money: An Entrepreneur's Team

More Important Than Money: An Entrepreneur's Team by Robert Kiyosaki

Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • Overview
  • Weakness
  • Strengths
  • Quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Final Verdict


As we all know that Robert Kiyosaki is a great businessman and the best writter too. We have already reviewed few best books by Robert Kiyosaki you can check them also. Robert Kiyosaki always talks about different aspects of Business and management which you can easily relate to day to day life. Their books are really motivated many youngsters to jump into the pool of business and management.
More Important Than Money is a bit different book by Robert Kiyosaki. This book talks about


From last few months I was not able to update my blog due some personal reasons. As we all have faced difficult time in last few years but now I am stable in my life and now I am starting this blog again.
Now the first book I am reviewing from a long time is More Important Than Money An Entrepreneurs Team by Robert Kiyosaki. This book was publish on 17 of July 2017.
This is a relatively average book with  448 pages. It took me little while to finish this book as I have stopped reading from few months. 
Robert Kiyosaki teams up with his highly trusted advisors. They have contributed in chapters strengths as well as they offer candid and insightful individual profiles and are expert in their work.
Robert Kiyosaki tried to focus on the significance and importance of having a trusted team, with special focus is far more important than money to new entrepreneurs.
More Important than money puts two questions before their readers,
What was your biggest lesson learnt in your business? and
What's more important than money to run your business?
Robert Kiyosaki mentioned about each individual and their contribution in their business individually in this book. Few of them are as follows:
1. Kim Kiyosaki 
2. Blair Singer, Sales and Team Advisor
3. Darren Weeks, Raising Capital Advisor
4. Darren Weeks, Raising Capital Advisor
5. Garrett Sutton – Legal Advisor 
6.Tom Wheelwright, Tax and Wealth Advisor
7. Ken McElroy Real Estate Advisor
8. Josh Lannon, Social Enterprise Advisor
Each one of the chapter from this book follows one of the expert in this book. 

I don't see any weakness in Robert Kiyosaki's this book. As they have guided us in their own way.


Robert Kiyosaki has explained their points in clear manner, which makes it easier to understand the concepts to their readers. 

Final Verdict

I will recommend this to all of them who is willing to grow their business and who don't know where to start. Robert Kiyosaki is a great businessman and a great teacher. Here he explained the importance of having a good advisors which will lead to grow your business.

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